Sabriena: Wisdom teeth

Between my exams today, Sabriena had an appointment to have her wisdom teeth out. Unluckily, hers couldn’t be taken out via manual extraction the way three of mine were, and she’d require surgery. She needed an adult with her for the 24 hours after the surgery, so Mum came over to stay while I had exams, and to pick Duncan up from school as he lets out at 3:25pm, while I would be in an examination until 3:40pm.

I managed to finish my second exam early, so I drove home in the van and dropped it off, then rode my bike to the hospital as Mum had the Commodore. Unfortunately I had a headwind and my bike’s tyres were soft, so my legs were screaming at me when I got there, but I locked the bike in the tailgate of the wagon and went to find my wife.

The clock was ticking closer to 3pm, where one of us would have to go collect Duncan, so I went and left Mum to wait for Sabriena to come out of recovery, which she did right as Duncan got out. Parked the car in the entry loop and collected them both.

Sabriena’s recovering quite well, but her face is ballooned with swelling and bruising. It’s clear I got off extremely lightly with having my teeth removed. At least it’s over now, and it should be the end of her dental woes.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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