Tiabeanie joint worries

Earlier in the month, Sabriena noticed Beanie carrying one of her rear legs funny every time she got up from a long time laying, which we thought was weird. We gave it a few days to get better and when it seemed it wasn’t, I called the vet to make an appointment. The earliest they could see us was the next Monday, so we waited and continued as usual.

After the vet visit, they suspected it might be cruciate ligament disease, or it could just be some sort of traumatic injury. I thought back to a few days prior to our noticing it, when a dog had passed by our house, she saw it from the computer room, dashed across the living room and dove onto the chaise of the couch, which she then slid off and crashed into the window sill. I’m 95% sure that’s when she did it.

Anyway, we’d need to confirm with X-rays, and while she was sedated for that they’d check the joints out mechanically as well. Earliest appointment for that was Thursday, which sucked for her because she woke up to no breakfast, and the third day in a row of no playtime or walks, no jumping, what the fuck?

Life was not unaltered for us either: we took our mattress off the bed base and put it on the floor (because it was that or crate her at night, and we didn’t feel like doing that), blocked off the living room so she couldn’t jump on the touch, and I can’t overstate how much of an impact the lack of daily walks had on me, at least!

We picked her up after work, and they had mostly good news: X-rays came back clear, and mechanically the joint seemed sound, so it certainly looks like just an injury and not the start of something bigger. They gave us some doggie drugs (Metacam? I think it is basically pupper ibuprofen) and strict instructions to continue limiting playtime. 7 days of drugs, then three days off, plus another couple to get us through the weekend and they’d see her again this monday (the 16th). Oh, and some of the weight has to come off, so we have to start watching her diet a bit better.

They saw her today and they’re pretty happy with it, this week we can do 15 minute walks, then next week we can start to increase that. No running or jumping for probably a month, though we can start to introduce limited couch time (so we can start using our living room) this week too.

She didn’t lose any weight (still 34.5kg) but everyone seems to agree that that’s probably because cutting food intake the same day you flatline your physical activity is probably not going to result in appreciable weight loss in two weeks.

Anyway, hopefully it turns out she just smacked her leg on the window sill like I thought and she doesn’t need surgery or something.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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