Power outage: Fire!

Duncan got to stay home today because it was his Teacher Student Parent interview at 9:30. He’s still doing really well in school, reading far beyond what is expected of him (but we kinda knew that), although his creative writing and counting are both hindered by what I think is laziness. We know he can count in excess of a hundred, and his teachers know he’s capable of writing better than he does, he simply doesn’t do it. No idea where he gets that from. :)

In the afternoon, we’d had the AC on for quite some time because it’s pretty warm weather lately. We sweated it out a bit last summer, because we weren’t sure how much power the AC would use… turns out not as much as we thought, so we turn the AC on early with a decently high thermostat because I reckon it has to work less to keep the house cool than to try and cool it once it’s already hot.

I guess many people must have had the same idea, because at about 6 o’clock (right as we were about to start a late dinner) the local power substation caught fire which blacked out the entire region. We ended up having Subway for dinner, one of the few places still able to operate without power, apparently. If I’d thought about it sooner we could have dragged the gas cooker out of the Sprinter, but my parents are using it while their van is in for repairs and they’d already left once the power went out.

Power was restored shortly after Duncan went to bed at 8pm, but we didn’t bother turning the AC back on… the house was already hot and was starting to cool off so we just waited for nature to do it’s thing.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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