COVID: Boosted!

It’s been some time since my last COVID shot (which I don’t seem to have written about, but the first one kicked my ass), so it’s time to get a government-recommended booster. On Friday, my appointment came up so after work, off to get injected, defected, etc, etc.

This time around the symptoms weren’t quite as bad as the first one, but definitely more pronounced than the second one. Severe arm soreness (expected, almost guaranteed really), and then general fatigue by Saturday afternoon, and pretty much all of Sunday. I quite literally felt like I’d just finished moving, I was that physically exhausted.

Hopefully this is the last shot for a while, but given that the various variants seem to be running roughshod over much of the world, I’m not expecting that to be the case.

Words can’t describe how sick of thinking about this pandemic I am though. I am a habitual worry-wart, anytime anything happens I immediately start thinking up worst-case scenarios and contingency plans for them (probably what makes me great at information security), and normally Sabriena’s my rock to talk me down, and we arrive at something sensible in the middle. I was panicking about the Pandemic in December of 2019, but within a couple of months she’d joined me, and since then it’s just been non-stop paranoia and worry.

Update: 2021-01-31: Duncan came home from school with five RATs, which were formerly unobtanium every time we’d bothered to look, but at least we have those in the bank if we get concerned, unless he ends up needing them for school.

Update: 2021-02-04: Sabriena pays more attention than I do - Duncan is supposed to test twice-weekly, and will continue to receive a stipend of RATs to accomodate this. Which is pretty good, considering it seems fairly prevalent at his school, so I think despite us taking our absolute best precautions as adults, unless we pull him out of school (which we don’t want to do) I think us catching it is pretty much an inevitability. I just hope if it does happen, that he gets the booster shots in him first.

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