House: Year Two!

Another clip show episode - we’ve now been in the house two years! Let’s see what from the todo list got done:

The switchboard was upgraded, the spa’s gone (not quite finished, the pavers out there are not level, but the hole is gone completely), and I tried, and ultimately decided I hated, the idea of a standing desk.

The hot water heater decided it was done waiting for us to decide to replace it, and took matters into its own hands. We replaced all the ceiling fans in the house that we intend to keep with fancy DC fans with internet-of-shit controllers on them.

Lastly we began, but didn’t quite finish the process of removing the bar. The expensive trade work is done, I’ve been meaning to see about getting someone to do the plaster work, but I’ll likely just give up and do it myself.

What’s left on the todo list?

  • We still have some lights left to retrofit LEDs into, but most of the ones we use the most often are done.

  • I still don’t have ethernet to my office.

  • The gym is still not yet started at all. Well, not entirely true - Baz did the shifting of the wiring so that the conduit would not be in the way when we start laying gyprock. But that’s it.

  • Level and re-pave where the spa was, then look at some outdoor lighting or something so we can hang out there on nice nights.

  • Finish the back of the TV wall where the bar was.

  • There is one more ceiling fan that we’ll just remove (it’s in the kitchen, out kinda-sorta over where the dining table is, and we’ve literally never used it). We’ve also decided that we’ll remove the two sconce lights on the wall in weird locations.

  • There’s a couple more bits of the broken intercom system left to remove yet.

And as per last year’s episode, the financial bits: our refinance is in-flight (fingers-crossed it settles in the next week or two). The valuation came up with it increasing in value nearly 10%, which combined with our previous equity and the payments (not helped by the interest rates rising a lot) means we now own approximately 30% of the whole thing.

We’re not completely at the point where we can relax (frankly that won’t happen for quite some years yet). I would be happier if more of our LVR reduction came from us paying it off and less from the house increasing (completely okay if the value of it goes sideways for 30 years at this point), but we’re down into the happy LVR territory where banks don’t turn their nose up at you anymore so I’m calling that a win.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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