Rodney’s Engagement

Out to visit Rodney and his fiance Michelle on Saturday, they were having a barbecue to celebrate their engagement. I’m normally not big on social gatherings, particularly something like this where I’m not likely to know many people, but I guilted Rodney into driving all the way out to visit us several New Years Eves ago and never returned the favour so I thought it was time I made the drive.

Sabriena and Duncan didn’t want to go, nor did Dad, so I went alone. The drive down was pleasant until the very end… it’s election day! Luckily we’d already voted, so I didn’t have to do that, but there were still people everywhere. Hung out for a while, caught up with several Aunts I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, ate too much Hors d’oeuvres and ended up leaving before the actual barbecue started, in order to get back through Melbourne in a timely fashion. Plenty of alcohol available, but given that I was driving, I didn’t partake. :)

I had considered stopping at Mum and Dad’s place, but I really didn’t feel like it, so I ended up getting home at around 10pm or so.

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Balwyn, VIC, Australia

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