Resurrecting my Skype

I’ve had Skype since forever. It was the second VOIP package I’d ever used (the first being some steaming hunk of crap in about 1998 that didn’t really work over a 56k modem at all), and the fact that it’d “beatbox” with more than two people on a call was the sole reason for trying out Ventrilo and then eventually migrating to Mumble.

But after using Mumble for a while, the few friends who were steadfastly opposed (for some reason) to using Mumble and preferred to stick to Skype just annoyed the shit out of me - Skype was such a bloated, terrible program that I couldn’t stand using it. One OS reinstall, I simply removed it from my list of things to install on a fresh OS.

Since Microsoft are retiring the entire “MSN Live” thing, I figured I’d go ahead and look for my Skype account. I’d tried a few months back, and none of my email addresses worked and it wouldn’t let me retrieve my account by my Skype name either, but when I tried again this morning it did work via email address (but not via Skype name initially).

I’m now available again on Skype from time to time as fwagglechop.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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