Dropbox+KeePass issues on Android

I appear to be having some sort of an issue with my KeePass setup on my Android phone - I appear to be perpetually using an older version of the database, as it does not have the new root password for Arbok in it. I need to investigate why that is, as I edited a password on my desktop and saved it, and it definitely shows up correctly in Dropbox after a refresh - it indicates the file was modified 1 minute ago.

I suspect it may be related to the file explorer app that I don’t have installed that KeePass needs to navigate files (I normally just launch KeePass directly from Dropbox), or possibly a caching issue. But thus far, it’s eluding me.

The Telstra/Bigpond ADSL at home is broken again. Images coming in over HTTP are being corrupted (but HTTPS works fine), even when I disable our local Squid cache. On occasion the modem will completely refuse to pass on HTTP connections as well. I’m getting really sick of Telstra, but unfortunately very few of the regional ISPs seem to do ADSL out this side of Melbourne, and those that do charge an arm and a leg. Exetel had a plan that looked extremely promising, but sadly they don’t service this exchange. :(

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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