Selling the Van - Part 3

I’ve mused at least once before on selling the van and trying to find a job closer to home, but procrastination has consistently gotten the better of me. This year’s been particularly awful in terms of productivity, with us barely managing to sock any money away whatsoever for the entire year (and pissing away a fair chunk of it on the Commodore).

So I even went so far as to write up an ad for the van, take a few photographs, and meditate on the idea some more, when today I received a call from Dad. He had just spoken to one of our treasured clients, who was confident that there would be a fair amount of work on this summer. I won’t be putting myself in fiscal difficulty based on this information, but it certainly warrants putting off selling the van for a few more months to see where things end up.

Horsham, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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