Jekyll, where has it been all my life

Ages ago for my Hungry Hacker website I was messing around with various content management systems of my own authoring. The later incarnation essentially revolved around some hideous server-side includes hackery, some scripts to generate things, and some revision control (foolishly choosing SVN for the task). It worked well, but I ended up ditching it and just moving to Wordpress and calling it a day, since we were doing a lot with Wordpress at the time anyway.

Fast forward to now, where basically all our company does anything with is Mumble, and Wordpress still drives me nuts. I moved this personal site to Blogger quite some time ago, so I wouldn’t have to deal with hosting it and so I could leverage the various neat things that Google does. Yesterday someone on IRC pointed me at Jekyll, and despite the fact it’s written in Ruby (there’s a Hyde written in Python, but the documentation is appalling. I think I’d rather learn Yet Another Programming Language than try to figure out how Hyde works) I’m immediately smitten with the idea.

Now I’m considering moving this blog back to self-hosted and running it with Jekyll. My brain is absolutely crying out for a project to use it for, so I’ll have to sate that need lest I commit myself to the considerable work porting this blog over again (apparently the blogger importer for Jekyll is no more).

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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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