Sprinter back together, on the road

Fan Carnage After lightening our bank account to the tune of almost $800, we managed to get the necessary parts to put the Sprinter back together. In the back of a service station in Adelaide, I pulled the old radiator out, removed the radiator support, put the new fan back on, pushed the shroud over it, dropped the new rad in, bolted everything back together and filled with water. It’ll need a flush and re-filling with the proper HOAT coolant ASAP, but unfortunately there’s just not enough left in the bank to do that right now.

We picked up a couple loads in between times, and the thing has performed fabulously. We had a low coolant light the next morning, which led me to think the worst - that I’d still got a leak somewhere. It turns out though that it must have just pushed all the air bubbles out and the coolant lowered that way, because it hasn’t been on since.

The van’s been almost out to the WA border, and back well up into NSW without missing a beat. The new-found horsepower is a fantastic help and an incredible boon to fuel economy, dramatic headwind notwithstanding.

We had a few close calls with goats and kangaroos out near Cobar, NSW, but as can be imagined I’m a lot more cautious now. We still want to get a bull bar, but even that won’t mean we’ll get to smash on the wild life with impunity - we still need to be vigilant, and I thought I always was but apparently not enough. She’ll get her bull bar and the coolant flush as soon as some people pay us the money they owe, but until then we basically have money for food and fuel and that’s about it. :(

Wingfield SA 5013, Australia fwaggle



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Wingfield SA 5013, Australia

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