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Tonight was Horsham’s “Drive-in movie night”, which we decided to take Duncan to as it quite likely might be his last chance to ever experience one, as the idea seems to be dying out rather quickly. I was wondering how it was going to work, as it was at the Horsham showgrounds. Do the showgrounds have a movie screen? How will this work?

It turns out there’s a company that does mobile drive-in movies. The projector is in the back of an Iveco van (which we parked right next to so I got to have a pretty good look at the equipment, it’s quite a neat setup) and the screen is trailered behind it. It was a bit dark to see the screen, but it looks like it’s basically just an oversized version of an indoor projector screen, like you might have used at school if you’re my age. It looked like they just stood it up, unrolled it, and then tethered it to the ground so it wouldn’t blow around.

The screen looked rather small to be watching the movie if you were stuck in the back… good thing we took the Cruze instead of the Sprinter, as we got placed up front! But really though, because of the flat terrain, the only real complaint was that the screen was about a meter closer to the ground than it probably should have been. I could see the screen clearly from the toilet block at the back, when Duncan decided he needed a break right before the show started. The interesting thing was that rather than rely solely on your car’s stereo, they also had a public address system for sound, and many brave souls sat out on blankets to watch it.

Anyway, we watched “Home” which was rather good. Duncan certainly enjoyed it, and to my surprise (I’d have lost money if Sabriena had actually taken the bet) he made it through the entire thing. They had a brief intermission half way through, and the movie ended in time to get us home for 9:30pm AEST… Fully 90 minutes after Duncan’s regular bed time.

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