Missed flight!

As part of a long-paused work programme, I was supposed to be on my way to Prague, Czechia today to meet my team in person (along with quite a few other people from the company). Unfortunately, in a comedy of errors some of which were primarily my own silly fault, I wound up arriving at the airport later than I should have (we usually arrive several hours early for this exact reason, but a bunch of things conspired to make that not happen).

Unable to find the checkin counter after some minutes, further wasting time, I asked for directions and was sent upstairs to the operations office of the airline I was flying with. I rang the bell and waited, no response, and then someone called me… no that’s not where I’m supposed to be, I should be downstairs!

So I raced downstairs, and I could have gotten on the flight but my luggage could not. I could have survived this except Mum and Dad, who dropped me off, were already some time away, and no I had to go there immediately - no good. They then said there was another flight later that night, and gave me a number to organize getting on it.

I rang that number, and the first time through they said that my answers to the security questions were incorrect. Spoke to the lady at the service counter again, she confirmed they were correct, and suggested to try again… so I did so, and got through. Sorry, the later flight was full, but they could put me on the one for tomorrow. No, they couldn’t tell me what the cost difference would be.

Since I don’t have the authority to purchase the changed ticket, and I didn’t want to pay the extra myself, I waited for the travel coordinators at work to respond… which considering it was about 7am on Sunday morning their time I wasn’t expecting much. After waiting around a bit, I just had Dad come back and pick me up again… even if I got on the day-late flight, I would miss nearly half the meet-up event anyway, so it didn’t seem worth it.

Bit of a bummer to miss it, but this is why I hate air travel!

Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia fwaggle



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Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia

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