Sabriena wants a Kindle

It’s not like I have to think very hard for gifts for Mother’s Day, 2012. Sabriena has made it abundantly clear that she would very much like a Kindle. She originally wanted the Kindle Fire - good luck. We’re starting to do a lot better financially, but that’s still a ton of money on a toy. She’s now decided she’d much prefer the battery life and readability of an e-Paper Kindle.

I don’t really know why she wants one so bad, because she’s mentioned multiple times about her chronic inability to read in the car without getting sick. Considering that pretty much all we do is drive different places, I’m really puzzled by the usefulness of such a device - but if it makes her happy, we’ll have to look at getting one soon.

So that’s that taken care of, all I’d need to work out is what the heck I’m going to get my Mum.

Red Lion, VIC



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Red Lion, VIC

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