We left Horsham to head to my parents’ place on Christmas Eve, which is probably not the smartest time to be out driving. We stopped in at Coles in Horsham on the way out and it was bananas - just way too many people. The highway itself wasn’t too bad though really, and all the road workers having clocked off until after the new year was nice.

We took the van out here so that we could sleep in it, keeping the spare bedroom vacant for my sister and her kids. We don’t sleep so well in the van any more unfortunately, but it’s only for two days.

Christmas itself was excellent. We didn’t take the PS3, and Duncan got a fair whack of characters for Infinity that he couldn’t really use, but it was okay: he was far more interested in the Lego Technic stuff I got (that’s effectively his). Mission accomplished - we’ve had multiple conversations about things like differentials and gears.

Christmas dinner was amazing, though Mum and Dad’s table is just not quite big enough for the number of people there.

This morning, outside to take a few photos of the BSA to show off, and then we’re heading off into Ballarat before heading home.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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