Wonthaggi, Inverloch and the Prom

Wallaby on Phillip IslandHeading off the island, we headed through Wonthaggi, the place I went to school. It’s blown up quite a bit, but most of it hasn’t changed. The caravan park we stayed in was absolutely atrocious, and various parts of the town… while Sabriena could only see the veneer of cute country town, I can only see the bogan underbelly.

I was a little disappointed that a few parts of my childhood were gone, including several areas of wetland, the old metal skate ramp (though there’s a rather nice concrete park right nearby), and the BMX track (though at least that’s replaced with parkland and not more suburban sprawl).

After picking up something for breakfast, we headed off for Inverloch. Now this place hasn’t changed much at all! Of course it didn’t take long to zip through, but we did stop for a rather cool walk along the foreshore. Then it was off to Pound Creek and Maher’s Landing to have a look at my grandparents’ old farmlet.

Top of the Prom?On the way out, we noticed signs for Wilsons Promontory, where I’ve personally never been. I felt like it wasn’t that far from Inverloch, so we set off. Indeed, the entrance to the national park is not that far at all - a few minutes past Fish Creek. Unfortunately, Tidal River is a good 45 minutes further into the park!

After a barbecue lunch, we decided to go for a brief hike. What we ended up doing instead was a ~4 mile (6.5km) hike up to the overlook of Tidal River. Surprisingly, Duncan was not only well-behaved, he didn’t complain once.

We thought about camping at the prom, but my feet were begging for no more hiking. Instead, wanting to get to Coal Creek, we’ve decided we’ll spend the night in or as close to Korumburra as I can be bothered driving to tonight.

Tidal River, Victoria, Australia



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Tidal River, Victoria, Australia

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