Easter Bunny and Echuca

On board the Paddlesteamer Woke up this morning at Mathoura, NSW and decided to head into Echuca and do the tourist thing rather than just bolting straight for home. The last time we were in Echuca we really wanted to go on one of the paddle steamers, but we didn’t have the money.

Today we decided to rectify that. Our first port of call was popping in to ALDI to pick up some easter shit for Duncan, since we weren’t going to be home in time.

After that, walked around the port of Echuca until it was time to board the boat. We took the first cruise of the day on the PS Pevensey, and Duncan had a great time. We spent some time checking out the engine and the paddle wheels, and the entire cruise took over an hour I think?

After that, we wandered around the shops for a bit then braved the easter traffic to head home.

Echuca VIC 3564, Australia



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Echuca VIC 3564, Australia

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