Gippsland, again

On Saturday, Duncan and I headed out to Mum and Dad’s to spend the night - the plan was to head down to Grandma’s for a visit, because school holidays are ending soon, we missed her over Christmas, and this would likely be our last opportunity to visit her before next school holidays. Her mobility is deteriorating, so she’s moving out of her flat and into a nursing home room.

We left Red Lion around 8:30am, and made it through Melbourne relatively painlessly. Elly came too, along with Dad, and the kids were exceptionally well behaved. What I wasn’t expecting when we arrived was my Uncle James (Dad’s younger brother) and his wife to be balls deep in cleaning out Grandma’s flat ready to sell it.

Sometime shortly after we arrived, we learned that my great Uncle Jim had passed away. Not entirely unexpected, he’s been in very ill health for a very long time.

Grandma was going to come over after lunch - she’d have to return to the home for lunch so wheeling her over for a half hour or so only to take her back didn’t make much sense. Uncle James (helped on by Grandma) spent most of his time trying to convince us to take stuff, but our house is full of more than enough stuff.

Duncan and Elly, along with their younger cousin Rory, did end up pilfering a heap of the jewelry Grandma was going to donate, and came out looking absolutely ridiculous. They brought this stuff home too.

We emptied the house, leaving a few things in the garage to be taken out next week. I filled the back of my car with stuff to take to Dad’s - Grandma had given them a ton of stuff and told them to sell it at the local flea market next time they go - and we left at about 3:30pm I think, and made it through Melbourne in much better shape than I thought we would (considering it was basically the last day before many kids go back to school).

I didn’t feel like driving all the way home, so we stayed the night again at Mum’s, and then after we left the next morning, we ducked into Ballarat so I could buy a couple of cheap Dreamcast controllers to use for parts.

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Bunyip, VIC, Australia

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