Debian Update

After playing around with Laravel, it became pretty obvious my Debian Wheezy VM is grossly outdated, so I needed an update. I had originally planned on trying Ubuntu, so I span up a VM and installed it. For some reason, I found it slow as shit compared to Debian - maybe it’s Unity?

I span up another and installed Debian Jessie. I later realized that I’m still not thinking virtualization: instead of reinstalling a new VM, I could have just cloned the old one and done an update. Ahh well.

So after a sleep I had a new install, and set about copying over all my old stuff. After a pip install pelican (oh, and I needed pip install Markdown as well) I was able to rebuild this website successfully, but S3 syncing wouldn’t work:

WARNING: Retrying failed request: / (hostname ''
doesn't match either of '*', '')

It turns out this is a change in Python’s SSL handling, and sm3cmd author(s) haven’t pushed a release to fix it yet. Luckily I was able to just clone the repo and then alter my Makefile to point to the updated version.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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