Nintendo 64!

I did it, I paid close to full price for a console. :(

Let me back up a bit. The Nintendo 64 is a console that I skipped almost entirely, I’m pretty sure the average person could run non-stop for the cumulative number of hours I spent with it and the GameCube together. I didn’t particularly care for the direction Nintendo were heading for it, so I went back to my PC, and then I found the PlayStation because I was able to pirate games for it and before I knew it that was an entire thing and Nintendo were largely irrelevant to my life once more.

Nintendo 64!Since I started getting into collecting old video game shit I’ve wanted to grab some of the old Nintendo consoles I missed out on (and in fact I’d still like to get one of each of the Sega variants, which I largely skipped over also). But a few months back, Duncan started watching lets play videos of Super Mario Odyssey, and then somehow (as YouTube and anything else with a “similar content” feature is wont to do) found himself looking at videos of Super Mario 64. At this point, he would not shut the fuck up about it, and my interest was piqued, so I started looking for a reasonable deal.

I spent probably three weeks trying to snipe Ebay auctions to get a 64 below my pain threshold, and the frustration as they consistently went for above what I was willing to pay (or I’d forget to bid and they went for less than!) continued to build. Finally, I bought what was probably a great deal on the console, two unrelated games, an expansion pack, a memory pack, and three controllers. It would have been an excellent price were the controllers in great shape, but the sticks were pretty beat up, so realistically it was probably about “fair value” for the console - the first time I’ve ever done that with something “retro”. I then paid exactly full price for the game, which got here this morning.

After dinner I remembered that it had come, and Duncan and I sat down to play it. He got frustrated reasonably quickly, but then I noticed how bad the sticks actually were, so after checking out some YouTube videos I did the tape trick which firmed things up substantailly and restored most of the X-axis movement on the stick making things a lot easier. We’d switch off between us, and by the time bedtime rolled around we were about 10 stars deep into the game.

It’s amazing the number of throwbacks there are to this game in the new Super Mario Odyssey, I can totally see why it’s such a nostalgia rush for lots of players about my age, or slightly younger. Nintendo certainly know how to capitalize on that drug lately!

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