Rampant spare time :(

It would appear as though my being employed as an IT-bitch was to be short lived. I won’t go into too many details, but apparently my employer (who shall remain nameless) had some things that they probably shouldn’t, and some federal type people knew about it who weren’t supposed to. It was kind of daunting, but I can now honestly say with a certain vagueness that I’ve been detained and questioned by US federal agents which might just earn me some black-hat cred one day.

That whole mess went down on wednesday, and I really just spent the rest of the week figuring out what the hell I was going to do - and then I worked on the weekend. Which really sucked because we had a bunch of shit outside to attract people, and Sacramento was the victim of this freak storm that pretty well came out of nowhere (and disappeared back into nowhere too) and the whole place almost flooded. Luckily none of the shit got wet but I sure did. I did get to go home early with full pay for getting wet though, which made the day pretty nice.

Oh yeah, we got a car finally - on tuesday night! We don’t have insurance yet so it’s basically a 1500lb asset sitting in the driveway depreciating. But SaBs actually got the motivation to sit and pass her permit test! Now all she needs to do is learn how to drive on the road and we’ll be fully mobile.

I got a new toy on sunday - a Sony MiniDisc player! Now I know minidiscs are kinda dated as a technology, but the thing only owes me like $25 - and it’s almost as good as an mp3 player. The thing is tiny - but made out of aluminum so I’d have to try pretty hard to smash it up - and really easy to carry around and stuff. The only drawback is you gotta record songs onto it instead of uploading an mp3 file, but otherwise they’re pretty cool.

Well anyway, I’ve just started a new job as a bed-warmer it seems, and I clock on in 30 seconds. Bye.

Sacramento, CA 95826, USA



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Sacramento, CA 95826, USA

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