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One of the benefits to the Nvidia card I bought (considering that in retrospect, I probably should have bought an RX480 instead if they were more available) was that it came with a free game. Neither of the games were something I was super interested in, so I didn’t put a whole heap of effort into immediately redeeming it, but later on Sabriena mentioned she might like to play “For Honor”, and it was free, so let’s do it.

I dug out all the information necessary, put it all together, filled in the form and…

This card isn’t sold during this campaign period. Please check the redemption rule again. If you encounter any redemption problem, please provide your product serial number, PPID, a valid receipt* and send to Please also clearly state the game title in the title of mail. (*Please provide a valid receipt with clear show of date of purchase and upload it to any cloud space, for example Dropbox, WeTransfer, ASUS Webstorage and provide a download URL.)


So the first thing I do is double-check the rules: the promotion starts on the 23rd of March, and I bought my card the 27th. Maybe they were having problems with the dates being in Australian format? Could happen I suppose. Elsewhere in the rules, it mentioned sending a PM via the ROG forums, so I went to try that, and it won’t accept a referer from their own website for some hilarious reason.

So I fired off an email to the abovementioned address and thought nothing of it. 9 days later I get this:

Thank you for your mail. Sorry that the date of purchase is not in the promotion period. The GTX1060 can redeem the game only if it was bought after 3/28 Please check the redemption rule again. Thank you for your cooperation!

Maybe I need glasses. Off to check things out and nope, they’re mistaken. So I responded thusly, providing a screenshot and an archive link of their very own website to show, where I heard nothing back for well over 9 days. Nearly two weeks later, I started bugging them on their Facebook page, only to be ignored as well. I also tweeted at them, to no response whatsoever.

Finally, this morning, I get an email stating that yes I’m eligible, and a code to redeem the game via GeForce Experience. Shortly thereafter, the Facebook page messaged me as well, and had earlier blamed the tardy responses on Computex. I’m not sure I believe that the entire social media team was too busy to so much as give a “hey we’re working on this” for three weeks prior to Computex, but whatever. I’m just glad I didn’t have to contact them for an actual problem or I’d be thoroughly enraged.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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