House: loan documents signed!

Today we got the receipt for the deposit (a relief, as I absolutely hate the way the bank transfer stuff works in Australia, though I suppose it’s better than the USA!), plus Ben had express-posted the documents yesterday as he said he would, and they showed up this morning.

We decided it’d be easiest to take the bank folks up on their offer to handle the signing/witnessing, so I called them first thing in the morning. Answering service, so I left a message. Nothing. Waited 30 minutes, no answer there either. Tried again when the documents turned up, still nothing.

I decided to duck over and see them, and it turns out the woman we wanted to speak to is on the counter all day, by herself… which explains why she hadn’t managed to check the messages yet. So she made an appointment for us with another banker at noon, so back out there with everything. It took a bit, but we got everything buttoned up.

We should be home (hehe) free now, with just the pre-settlement inspection and then the settlement meeting (which I think we may not even have to attend, the conveyancer may handle everything for us). All utilities except NBN and water (with the latter being handled by the conveyancer too) are organized… the water is a funny thing, we can arrange for an out-of-sequence meter reading and have the usage pro-rated to the date of settlement, however the conveyancer advised us it’d cost us $35 to do this, and since water usage for the last quarter was about $10 (so we’d get back maybe $8 at most) it didn’t seem worth it. I guess during the inspection I could take a look at the meter and compare it to the last bill, in the unlikely event they ran a hose and filled a pool or something but it doesn’t seem likely.

We’re still waiting for a gremlin to jump out and get us though… this has gone decidedly too smooth.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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