Hunting a V8

We’re looking to get rid of the Cruze, as now Mum isn’t out with Dad on the road all the time she’d kind of like to have it back (damn it!) which will actually be nice in a sense for us because it’s one less thing to pay for.

On the down side, we still need a car - and a couple of weeks ago I spied a V8 Commodore which put the idea in my head that I’d really like a toy. With the possible exception of the Suburban (but even really it) every vehicle I’ve bought since forever has been more practical than anything, and not particularly exciting to drive.

Anyway, I made arrangements for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure it would pass a Roadworthiness check (as Victoria requires all vehicles to when you transfer them to a new party, with the exception of transferring to your spouse). Today, it was its appointment, so I arranged for a cover note (in case someone crashed into it) and a temporary permit (as it wasn’t road registered) and took it over to the mechanics.

Unfortunately in the afternoon when they were done with it, it became clear that I’d be looking at somewhere in the $6~7k range to get it on the road, and it’s not a particularly nice example of a Commodore, so I decided there would be others out there and to continue looking. :(

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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