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Signal Strength post-change The other day I was messing around with an Android application that purports to show signal strength on Wifi, and noticed something peculiar: our WAP is on the same channel as almost all the other WAPs in the area. My van’s WAP defaults to channel 2 for some reason, and then everything else accessible from inside the house is sitting on channel 1.

I’m not an expert as to how Wifi works, but it’s my understanding that with the channel overlap, ch2 is as good as channel 1 in terms of signal attenuation, and that with signal attenuation a WAP will (forgive me if I have this wrong) attenuate it’s signal so that it interoperates with other WAPs in the area.

So I rationalized that because I have to go outside of my house to find a WAP that exists on a channel other than 1 or 2, that I might see improved signal to the back of the house if I set it to a signal other than 1 (why the WAP isn’t smart enough to do this itself, I have no idea).

It remains to be seen if it helped any, but we’ll see.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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