Out to Mum and Dad’s

Riding bikes

This morning I took Duncan out to Mum and Dad’s so he could see his cousins. Dad needed some help getting the ride-on off the back of his ute, after picking it up from the repair place so it helped that I ended up out there.

We left home pretty early, with Sabriena deciding to stay home. We got out there at about 11am where the kids played a bit before I took them and Mum into town to buy some lunch supplies. After lunch they rode bikes for a while, and when it was time to go Duncan had a bit of a miniature meltdown - he wanted to stay for dinner, and I didn’t think it was particularly fair to leave Sabriena home alone eating dinner by herself. We needed to be gone by 3pm in order to be home for dinner and it took a fair amount of bargaining to get him to calm down and get in the damn car.

The drive home was completely uneventful.

Red Lion, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion, VIC, Australia

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