Tracking down a Quassel Bug

Last night after coming home from the movie, I set about trying to isolate what’s going on with my IRC setup. It has the weirdest behavior: in the evening, the windows client will disconnect, and then not reconnect. The next morning, it’ll be fine.

I’d assumed it was just a factor that the cheap VPS it’s running on is over-provisioned, but that doesn’t appear to be the cause… I can connect from my Android device just fine. Even weirder, the Linux client will connect as well! All this while the Windows client refuses to complete the connection.

And again, the next morning, it’s fine again!

I tried asking in #Quassel on Freenode, but no responses. I suppose I’ll try build it on Windows and put a few more debug printf()s in, in the hopes I can track it down.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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