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“Baz” the electrician came by today to quote on and schedule running ethernet cable similar to what I had in the old place. I also asked him about moving the FTTN outlet into the office, so that I can have everything together, served by the UPS, to minimize impact of power blips. That led to a whole thing in and of itself…

The current internal wiring for the POTS (now NBN) is an absolute shambles, very obviously done by a prior or the current owner of the property, and not done terribly well. I knew something was up when we synced at 18mbps upstream (almost 100% of our plan) but at around 30mbps downstream (only about 60% of our plan)… normally if you’re a fair distance from the node the upstream frequencies seem to be the ones that suffer first, because for most consumers that’s how you’d want it, so something was definitely strange.

While trying to work out where the MDF (“main distribution frame”, what Australia calls the “MPOE” or “demarcation point”, basically the point at which the provider’s responsibility ends and the homeowner’s begins), the plug where the modem jacks into the wall failed. Baz went out to his car and grabbed a brand new one and installed it for me, unhooking the old extension to the bedroom at the same time (at my request, he insisted it wouldn’t make any difference, but didn’t mind unhooking it anyway since it’s super poorly done). When the sync came back on the VDSL, we jumped up to basically 100% of our plan in both directions!

It wasn’t just the sync rates either, I do basically 95% in both ingress and egress on speedtest.net, so if it stays that way I’ll be quite the happy camper. I’m debating asking AussieBB to chuck us on the 100/40 plan and see what we get there!

Baz is fairly sure that our node is right around the corner from us, and that because this is a somewhat newer development that we’ll be fairly close to it in terms of wiring, unlike the old place where our loop went across the neighbourhood and back to the node.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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