New Toy: A third Unifi UAP-AC-PRO

Last week, I finally got lucky on an eBay auction and scored a third UAP-AC-PRO for my collection. Why’d it take so long? For some reason people want an arm and a leg for these fuckers, they’re ~$270AUD brand new, and I’ve routinely seen them go for $180 or so, not much of a discount, and a bit more than I wanted to spend. I got carried away and bid $A115 after shipping, and managed to score it.

Why do we need a third one? Well, first of all because we have basically zero wifi coverage in the backyard, which limits my summertime outdoor work if there’s something I can do from a laptop… I can’t sit under the shade of the tree that’s out there, which is very nice, unless I want to work from my phone hotspot.

But second, I want to swap the Unifi firmware out for OpenWRT, if possible. But well, absent connectivity in the back yard, we kinda need both the APs we have. If I take one down to flash it, whatever it’s connected to will likely be offline for the entire time, and I am not entirely expecting this to go super smoothly the first time.

So this lets me take one down, flash it on the bench, then if all goes well, put the flashed one up and move onto the next. Total downtime being however goddamn long it takes me to figure out how to get the thing off the ceiling (PROTIP: a zip tie is just thick enough to pass under the locking tab, then turn it counterclockwise and you’re all set).

Anyway, I adopted the new AP (that’s what I was doing when I got sidetracked by the STUN issue on Unifi), and replaced my office AP with it so I can make sure the thing works correctly.

Once I’m satisfied with that, I’ll pull them down one by one, flash them and configure them, and then mount the last one someplace that’ll bathe the backyard in 5GHz wireless and we should be very happy.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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