Duncan got his shots :(

Last Tuesday, Duncan had his two-month well-baby checkup, which involved a battery of inoculations. This time we knew exactly where his new doctor is (though it wasn’t particularly difficult to find last time, Google Maps’ directions were spot-on) so we made it there perfectly on schedule.

We went inside, checked in, and a few minutes later had to take him to the weight and measurement station. It’s a bit shitty that they don’t get him naked to weigh him (so we only know to within the average weight of a baby onesie how much he weighs), but he’s definitely put on a couple inches since birth.

Next it’s into the little room, stripping him naked and onto one of those fancy massage tables they always have with the parchment paper stretched out on them. He was a real good kid during this whole process, just chilled out on my lap until a couple minutes before the doctor came in and he wanted his Mom. The checkup went fine, we got a neat little printout of a graph showing his project with the various percentiles of average babies.

Next we had a giant wait for two nurses to get done at the same time and get ready to give him his shots. They finally came in, got him all ready, and then poked him in both legs at the same time. He screamed.

He screamed so long, he ran out of steam… his mouth gaping in a mute, breathless squeal for what seemed like an eternity before he realized he needed to breathe in and start the whole process again. Another prick in one leg, some kind of live vaccine in his mouth (which apparently tasted pretty good because it calmed him down a bit) and we were done. Got him dressed again, and he slept the whole way home.

We were reluctant to give him the generic Tylenol we bought… it’s only name-brand Tylenol that’s been pulled from the shelves but all these recalls just make me nervous. For the most part he handled it great though, he was a happy baby for about 5 hours after coming home, then he had about a four hour spat where he was pretty miserable, I got him to sleep again and then the next day he was fine… happy baby again.

Even the band-aids came off just fine.

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Portland, IN 47371 USA

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