Air cleaner won’t stay on the XF

My XF Panel Van has been retired from work, and basically exists now as a hay wagon for my parents’ place, however my sister’s been borrowing it for a bit periodically.

She ran it out of petrol yesterday, and I noticed that the air cleaner won’t stay on. The bolt is stripped out of the top of the┬ácarburetor, which is actually a really common problem on that entire range of vehicles. The material in the top of the carb is absolute trash, and via vibration and stress from the air cleaner cap being torqued down, they strip out.

I went into town this morning to try and get some thread repair inserts, but apparently no one in Maryborough’s got any. Since I have three spare carbs for the thing, all of which are stripped, I decided just to go and buy some all-thread in the next size up and tap it again.

I notched about a half an inch of the all-thread with three vertical notches to make it like a tap, because my Grandfather’s tap and die set doesn’t seem to go down to 1/4". I then carefully worked it in until the thread was decently recessed.

Next, I unscrewed it, cut the notched section off, measured how much I needed and cut the all-thread to length. Screw it in, put some nuts on either side of the air cleaner cap, and it’s nice and secure.

Now just to keep an eye on the motor to see if it’s dusted already (probably not).

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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