Commodore: 200,000km service

No work again today, and I had to pick dad up from the mechanic while his van was getting looked at, and it reminded me that the Commodore is almost due it’s 200,000km service. Unfortunately work hasn’t been that great this year, so as much as I’d like to pay someone to do it (so I can have a quick eyeball of it by a professional mechanic, mainly) I decided to do it myself.

So after picking Dad up, it was off to various parts places to grab about $250AUD worth of parts, not including the oil which I’d already bought with some store credit that was going to expire. The car’s not actually due it’s service, but we’re going up to Sydney next week and I figure better to service it before rather than after.

So tonight we drained the oil, pulled all the plug leads off, changed the spark plugs, then put it all back together with fresh oil in it. It idles significantly smoother to start with, so that’s a plus.

Resetting the trip computer’s service reminder is rather easy too:

  • With ignition off, hold the up + down buttons on the trip computer.
  • Turn ignition on
  • When “reset” shows in the odometer window, release the buttons
  • Press “Mode”
  • Odometer window should read “Service Reminder”
  • Press and hold up + down until it beeps.
  • Turn ignition off
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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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