Writing PHP again…

I really dislike PHP - I much prefer Python, despite the fact I was instantly turned off by using indentation for blocks. But unfortunately, while I dislike it and I’m not particularly good at it, I always seem to wind up getting stuck writing it.

We’ve had a couple of clients now interested in paying for Mumble services with Dwolla, mainly since Google Checkout closed up. There exists no first-party payment module for our billing software (WHMCS) for Dwolla, and while there’s two available for purchase, I’m not sure about the quality of the code. Besides, I’ve written modules for this software before - how hard can it be?

Unfortunately I’ve hit a road block - generating the form was rather trivial and I’ve created an application inside our Dwolla account. The form is generated correctly, and after fixing a typo that caused an error because I hadn’t specified a redirect URL… I hit a brick wall.

We only have the one Dwolla account. Our company is a sole proprietorship in the state of Indiana under Sabriena’s name, so the Dwolla account is under hers too. I lack the requisite documentation to open my own account. Even with test=true, I cannot send a payment (even imaginary) to ourselves, so it throws an error I can’t get around.

I’ve contacted Dwolla support to see what can be done to allow me to test the module and move onto the callback stage.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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