A house, perchance?

We’ve not been seriously looking at houses very long, mostly window-shopping and day-dreaming. We made one verbal offer for a property we really liked right by the river, but someone else came along and exceeded our budget… so we couldn’t get it. It’s a very hot market right here, which for risk-averse buyers who like to umm and ahh like us, it’s basically the worst possible environment.

Yesterday, the same realtor as the first place we loved came back with what he said was exactly what I told him we were looking for, and “a very good value”. It’s an estate sale, they want it moved quick, and it’s not been listed yet… so if we wanted to make an offer, the vendor stands to save a bit of money by not having to do advertising, listing, photography, etc so we could get in early. Honestly, the main thing that sounded good to us after viewing the place was that we were the only folks who looked at it, and allegedly the realtor had no current plans to show it to anyone else yet, so if we were fast we could put in an offer sans competition.

But jesus christ when we looked at this place we were immediately in love. It’s somewhat dated: it’s clearly built in about the 1980s by people with money (it has a whole-house intercom! and a bar! and an in-ground outdoor spa!), and not much got updated since, but other than small updates there’s not a lot I would change. The agent was correct: it literally nails everything I told him we wanted, and a few things I didn’t think to tell him.

He then showed us another place that we really weren’t super interested in, and honestly I’m not even sure that wasn’t just sinking the hook (am I a cynical bugger, or what?), but we basically went home, chatted about it, and immediately asked the agent what we’d have to do to put in an offer. The Section 32 (a standardized contract of sale that our state mandates) isn’t available yet, so he could take down some details and present a verbal offer to the vendor, which he did.

We found out this morning that the vendor OKed the verbal offer, so with any luck we just have to wait for the section 32 and sign on the dotted line. There are still a handful of ways we could miss out on it: another buyer could come along, the pest or building inspections could come back with major issues, or the bank could refuse the finance… but things are looking fairly promising!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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