Exams again!

I moaned back when I started this course that I was having a hard time with it, and today was the first examination in the entirety of my degree that I’ve been genuinely terrified of. Even the first exam ever I was pretty confident going in, but this maths course had me greatly concerned.

I’m feeling pretty good now it’s over though. I must confess that this term was the hardest I’ve studied in the course of my degree, and possibly in my life. I spent on average at least a few hours a day (every day, for the entire term) on the actual coursework, along with slogging away at various subjects on Khan Academy trying to fill in the gaps.

I’ve all but quit driving the pilot vehicle in an attempt to make more hours in the day - the Australian government will pay me to study, so it doesn’t really make any sense to piss away several thousand dollars in tuition trying to support myself and my family and study full time at the same time. I’ll be putting the van up for sale in the new year, but it’s going in to the mechanics next week to get it in a little more presentable shape for that process.

But yeah, the exams went rather well. I managed to commit everything on the exam to memory except formulae for dealing with circles, which I’d also neglected to write down on my cheat sheet (we were allowed one piece of handwritten paper notes). I took three attempts and two pages of scribbling to figure out the errors I made trying to solve a simple system of linear equations, and by the time I’d got that covered I had about 9 minutes left (in a three hour exam!) to work on the circle question, and I simply had a mental blank. So I know I got zero on at least 1/15th of the exam, but the rest of it I’m feeling good about it.

I’m already enrolled in a Calculus course, which has this course as a prerequisite, so I hope I managed to pass it!

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