Fixin’ fences

Within a few days of arriving in Australia, I was already hard at work helping my parents put up a fence to keep the ponies in a paddock they hadn’t yet been in. The day before yesterday, we went down to go fix another fence and to move some of the ponies into yet another paddock, and for some reason a couple of them decided to bolt.

In the course of bolting, they managed to break a couple of fences. The end result was that instead of getting the one fence we were going to fix, fixed - we ended up with two extra fences to fix.

Yesterday we went down to fix those two fences, and to move a couple of the metal bath tubs my parents are using for water troughs. Duncan absolutely adores being on the 4 wheel motorbike, so it wasn’t really work for him despite the heat. He had a hat and sunscreen on, and doesn’t appear to have copped any sunburn which is good.

But after working all day in the heat, I’m feeling a little worse for wear today. :(

Red Lion, VIC



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Red Lion, VIC

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