Infinity: The Force Awakens

Duncan (with a bit of coaxing) donated over two garbage bags full of toys today to the local animal welfare society, and so effectively as an award Sabriena bought him The Force Awakens playset for Disney Infinity. We also bought him the Kylo Ren figurine, because he can’t shut the fuck up about him. What is it with this kid and liking the bad guys? He’s obsessed with Vader as well, I think that’s trendy these days though.

We went to three different stores to get it - Target had the playset for $20 (EB had it for $39 and K-mart for $30), but K-mart were the only ones carrying Kylo Ren. EB had a sale on the power discs for The Good Dinosaur, they were going for $8 so we bought that as well.

Our collection is getting rather close to complete (LightFX and Crystal figures notwithstanding), maybe we’ll complete it in time for Disney to come out with something else.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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