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I wrote a little while back that I’d been playing a fair bit of GTA Online on our PS4, and it turned out I had a RockStar “Social Club” account that my brother in law had made. You see, when I left the USA, we didn’t think our PS3 would work out here (it turns out that we were mostly mistaken, the DLC doesn’t work cross-region, that is the DLC you buy has to be bought in the same region the game is bought from, but the rest of it works) so I left my PS3 behind for my brother-in-laws to use. The youngest one was really quite young when we left, so I just let him use my PSN account as well.

About a year ago when we got the PS4, I started using the PSN account again, and he made his own. Unfortunately, he’d already signed up for GTA Online, laughably with an email address he’d never owned (a Gmail account he certainly has no access to) and couldn’t remember the password.

I bugged him for a few days to try work it out, and he couldn’t, so I filed a ticket with Rockstar. Not expecting much, for starters because I couldn’t even see the ticket when I clicked the links in the email. They actually did respond though, and I could respond again via email with the information they asked for, and they were able to reset the email address to my account which meant I could regain control over it.

I’m rather impressed with the turnaround, considering they don’t really gain much (I’ve already bought the game) if I continue playing. I filed the original ticket December 15th at about 1pm AEST, and the issue was fully resolved by 9am on the morning of the 18th.

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