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I splurged on a new case for my work machine, and swapped everything over a few days ago… I absolutely adore the tempered glass window, but the problem is now I see every tiny little thing wrong with it. I see the cheap-ass LED strip that won’t quite adhere to the case wall, I see the piss poor cable management with the bundle of snakes coming out of the power supply, and I see the ugly Noctua fans I preciously didn’t give a shit about because they were hidden.

Since my case didn’t come with a PSU shroud, I decided to fabricate one up. So I took some rough measurements, and went into town to have the local engineering shop fold me up a piece of steel the appropriate size. Next, I took to it with an angle grinder to cut suitable notches in it so it would fit, and squeezed it into my case one night after work. Content with the fit, I removed it today and painted it, and tonight it’s properly affixed. I’m pretty content with how it looks, except now those Noctua fans really stand out, so I’m thinking about swapping them with the black fans from the front of the case as I’d rather avoid painting them if I can.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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