Budapest, again

It’s that time of year (albeit a few months late), where work takes everyone out to Budapest again, all expenses paid. This time I’m in another department, and there are a lot more people. The startup in the other office moved elsewhere, so they rented that one too and turned it all into one big office.

This time around I resolved to take on less activities than last time (narrowly avoiding exhaustion), but things were still fairly hectic. Jet lag hit me a lot harder this time around, with sleeping conditions in the hotel not being that great (it got very stuffy around 2am, something woke me up, and I found it impossible to get back to sleep again for the first couple nights). In addition, I had to share an on-call rotation with my co-admins, which isn’t much fun… thankfully it didn’t get in the way too much.

I’m sure I’ll have put on some weight when I get home, as I’m not behaving myself near as much this time around and money is not as tight as last time I was here either. We shall see!

I’ve arranged to take a week’s vacation immediately after this trip, so I should be able to recover the sleep I’m missing now.

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Budapest, Hungary

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