Dad’s van broke :(

More mechanical troubles, this time it’s Dad’s van. Something transmission related, we’re not sure what - it’s being trucked back in to Mercedes Benz in Ballarat, a not insignificant journey. We absconded with his fridges and anything else he couldn’t live with while he waits for a tow-truck.

Given the fact that I’m carrying a DAS Multiplexer around with me, but lacking a computer powerful enough to actually run it (normally we hook it up to my desktop at home, and I use Remote Desktop from my very under-powered laptop to control it from the van) just underscored how silly that is. We could at least do partial diagnostics on the side of the road if I was carrying a decent laptop and have made a better decision than “well it better go to Benz”. I think I’ll be buying a decent laptop shortly.

Hopefully the fix isn’t too expensive, but we probably won’t find anything out until Monday at the earliest… what’s more important is that the thing is out the door and moving again as quickly as possible.

Kaniva VIC 3419, Australia fwaggle



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Kaniva VIC 3419, Australia

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