Biblical Marriage

Witnessing some of the comments on a blog post about marriage, I was reminded of my own marriage, however if I may digress for a moment… I’m not entirely sure the blog owner will allow my comment through moderation, so here it is in a nutshell. The blog owner was complaining that these days many people violate the three biblical requirements for marriage. Ignoring for the moment that Christianity isn’t the only religion which can form matrimony and that it can indeed be formed without a prevalent religion…

My basic stance on this is that the same books christians dig up these restrictions on marriage and sexuality (anti-gay in general), also contain such gems as: do not eat a fucking pig, because it is dirty; you only wear one type of fabric on your garment; and best of all you kill your children if they backtalk. But hey this is all in the Old Testament right? None of that still applies… right?

… right?

Well ignoring for a moment chapter 7 of Mark, where Jesus is critical of the jews for not abiding by the Old Testament… or in Chapter 16 of the Book of Luke (and Matthew’s book in Chapter 5) where Jesus says in no uncertain terms that the law still applies until the death of Heaven and Earth. No no, let’s just all ignore that and pretend the OT laws don’t apply…

… So guess where all the laws regarding all things homosexual are? I just love how people cherry pick the good bits of the bible when they’re soap-boxing and proceeding to judge others (hey what was that phrase God used again?). Don’t even get me started on all these motherfuckers who have gone through a divorce who proceed to get on their high horse, I haven’t broken my marriage vows. Live your life and shut the hell up.

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Montpelier, IN 47359, USA

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