N64 modded, Mega Drive RGB…

This morning, a knock on the door… the RGB cable for my Sega Mega Drive is here!

Quickly hooked it up after work to verify, and yes it does what it says on the tin. It’s poorly shielded (like all the cheap RGB cables I’ve been buying), and it doesn’t do stereo audio but I can live without that for how often I’ll actually play this thing (or what’s more to the point, if I desolder the mono audio pin, I can just use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone cable to plumb stereo audio straight to the OSSC). The pad is still junk, I have to unplug it and replug it a few times to get a couple of the buttons to work, I’m suspecting dirty connections?

But better news still, my Nintendo 64 is in the mail, back on it’s way from having someone else RGB mod it for me. It seems silly, for a wannabe hardware hacker like myself to pay someone else to install an off-the-shelf mod in a console, but I had two reasons: a) the seller of the mod kit didn’t have any stock at the moment, and “Retro Rob” did; b) my poor old hands are shaky, my soldering iron’s tip is too big, and I nearly buggered up my OSSC installing the audio board. I think that’s reason enough to punt on someone else doing it, and it didn’t cost me much to have it done… shipping was the primary expense.

I was fairly well impressed with AusPost’s effort on the shipping though, I sent it at 4:15pm on Wednesday in Horsham, and it arrived in Bairnsdale (fully the other side of the state) the next morning. I’m guessing that Horsham and Bairnsdale are both large-ish mail hubs with a truck that runs directly between them, and the stars aligned for me. It would be nice if it showed up on my doorstep on Monday!

Finally, the gaming gods truly are smiling on me today, as I just learned that the new Donky Kong game for the Switch is out today, which Duncan and I were really looking forward to, so in a moment we’re going to head out to go grab it!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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