We’ve landed in Australia!

After a long and grueling trip, we’ve landed safely in Australia and are now staying at my parents’ house. The weather when we arrived was freakishly hot, I think here locally it hit about 108F at one point - but the lack of humidity is surprisingly nice… the heat didn’t really knock us around as I thought it would (if it hits 100F in Indiana, we’d pretty much just lay around and do nothing all day and I was still able to function despite being in 34F the previous day).

We blew through security at the Indy airport really quickly, and it was a surprisingly friendly experience. I’d heard horror stories, but apart from having to remove my shoes and my belt we went through completely without issue. We didn’t have to clear security again until after we’d arrived in Sydney, at which point we had to go through a secondary screening before boarding our transfer.

When we arrived in Tullamarine we had to declare things to customs, things like medication, large amounts of currency, gold bars, and food. Uh oh, food - we’d brought a whole bag of snacks and things to keep Duncan occupied during the flight. I didn’t think that all the pre-prepared snacks we’d brought would qualify as things they’d throw away, but I declared them anyway.

It’s probably just as well, as the detector dog they ran over our baggage hit on our snack bag, so we had to step out of line while they searched it. It turned out that nothing in there was of any consequence, and we skated right through the rest of the way and out to the car trip home.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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