Diablo 3 Downloader issues

I’ve had some free time lately and I thought I’d install Diablo 3 and check out what’s new in the latest patch. I have an old version of Diablo 3 on our old hard disk, so I thought I’d copy the files over. The installer then failed to update it, which I thought was related to copying the files across - but apparently this is a supported configuration. Before I learned this though, I blew away all the Blizzard-related data I could find on the primary disk and tried again.

After several minutes of trying and failing to get the downloader to start, with the especially helpful error message “Unexpected Error trying to install”, I went looking for more information. After a while and inspecting the logs, I came upon the theory (which turned out to be true) that the installer wasn’t liking going through our Squid proxy. After I blew away the installer data directory for the umpteenth time, it started working.

For reference:

  • The installer data directory is c:/programdata/Battle.net (on Windows 7/8, it’s apparently different on XP).
  • Logs are found in c:/programdata/Battle.net/setup/diablo3_enus/logs (obviously this directory will differ based on your locale), though they’re not particularly helpful in many cases.

I’ll have to try and work out why there’s a good few things that do not like going through our Squid - Windows Update and so on seem to work, but several video sites (not including YouTube, which functions as expected) and just about anything that uses Websockets (but I think that’s expected too) don’t work.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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