Out to Mum and Dad’s

Duncan and I went out to Mum and Dad’s after doing our weekly grocery shopping yesterday, stayed the night, and came home today. Duncan had been on me about building a table, wanting to use the scrap MDF I had in the shed, and some sticks for legs… even going so far as to draw some adorable blueprints for it. I’d told him a couple weeks ago that that’s not really the right way to make a table, and that we’d take him out there and Dad could show him how to make a table properly. We were supposed to go last weekend, but the threat of floods made us chicken out.

So we went this weekend instead, with Duncan staying up until 11pm because I wasn’t watching the time, so naturally he was rather wrecked on Sunday morning. He got his table built though, which he’s pretty proud of and is now adorning his room, I will have to post pictures of it.

“Best friend Jason” was there, and he has a small chinese ATV that he’d bought for the kids, and it wasn’t working correctly so Duncan didn’t get to have a ride of it. I wasn’t too terribly fussed over that, as I’m not particularly fond of the idea of kids on ATVs - it’s counterintuitve to many people (including Sabriena for the longest time) but two wheel bikes are infinitely safer than four when children are involved.

It did get me thinking though that perhaps we might look around for a cheap 50cc or so dirtbike for Duncan, so I can live vicariously through his childhood. I found a very nice CRF-50F on Facebook for about half it’s retail value, with the plastics looking like the thing has spent about two hours total in the sun, but when I started doing the numbers for the costs of a trailer, safety gear, and either travel to Mum and Dad’s or the dues to the local motorcross club it would likely not be a cheap hobby.

Maybe next year.

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Red Lion, VIC, Australia

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