Commodore: Ignition Barrel

This morning while I went into my office to work, Sabriena was cracking the whip over Duncan: despite that it was the start of his vacation, they had shit to do, and she wanted to get out to the shops before everyone else did. Unfortunately, that was not to be - the key in the Commodore has been getting ornery over the last couple of months and this morning it simply wouldn’t turn no matter what. I went out to try it, and couldn’t get it to go either.

Inside to call the locksmith… super common problem, they keep the barrels in stock, can do it in an hour. The cost was pretty reasonable - around $200AUD - but it’d be another $99 if they had to come out to do it. That’s a fair bit of money, so I decided to give it one more shot and managed to get the key to turn, so Sabriena took it in while I went to work.

While it was there I had them do both the keyfobs as well - Sabriena’s was dead shortly after we got the car, so I bought a solder-in battery and a replacement shell (because with the stock Holden keyfob shell, you’re guaranteed to destroy it getting it apart) and it worked okay, but broke eventually due to the aforementioned problem (and the fact that it was a cheap chinese unit). My key was still stock, but the battery was getting very tired and most days I had to be standing virtually right next to the car for it to unlock or lock. I decided to have them replace both of them, which they did with “sedan” keyfobs (so they have a boot-popper button on them which does nothing).

So now there should hopefully be no issues for a good many years, at least with that part of the car.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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