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A couple of weeks ago, I tried to bid on an NTSC NES on eBay that was at a very low price (figuring that the demand for an NTSC console in a PAL territory might be rather low). I watched the thing for two days, and put a bid in at the last second, with my max price of $175AUD, and was promptly outbid by someone’s proxy bid. Damn it.

Licking my wounds, and with my “fun budget” burning a hole in my pocket, I checked the local game forums and found a pretty good deal on a bundle of PC Engine stuff. They’d sold a few pieces individually, but were getting impatient, so put the rest of it up for what I thought was a pretty reasonable price. I thought on it for a day or two, then shot them a message, and ended up buying it.

I was hoping they’d mail it on the Friday, but they managed to miss the post office closing, so they mailed it on a Monday, and that was two weeks ago. Naturally, I started to worry a bit, even though AusPost have been pretty hit/miss lately. I paid via Paypal, but I don’t know how good their buyer protection stuff is if you don’t buy via eBay, and the seller managed to “lose the tracking number” because their toddler made off with it, so I was a bit nervous to say the least. Anxiety got the best of me, and I wrote them on Friday, and on the weekend they promised to ask their post office about it (not sure what that would do).

But as you would expect, the very business day after I contact them, it shows up! It’s exactly as described, though I didn’t look carefully enough and one of the included games is actually a CD-ROM version, and the bundle does not include the CD-ROM addon, so it’s no good to me… that’s no fault of the seller though. A couple of the games won’t boot, but I had trouble with one until a couple of inserts so maybe they can be resurrected. One controller was advertised as non-functioning, because it cuts in and out. I preemptively took it apart and cleaned it, and I played for about an hour today with no issues.

It’s a Japanese console, but I do have a stepdown convertor for it. However I noticed that it’s a 9VDC transformer, so I simply used a universal one with the correct plug and had no issues at all.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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