CyanogenMod 7 on DroidX

A while back I got fed up with the radio issues a tiny fraction of DroidX users are reporting (of which I was apparently a member) and I decided to SBF back to FroYo and try the update again. Part way through the process, I decided to give a cdma_shadow build of CyanogenMod a try, since they’d figured out a way to get it running on Motorola devices with locked bootloaders.

I gotta say, it’s really great. The original build I tried out had a busted camera along with a few other little annoying things. I since installed the latest nightly build and an all-in-one-fix a savvy user knocked together, and pretty much everything except HDMI out functions flawlessly. HDMI out isn’t a show-stopper because I don’t even have an HDMI monitor I can use.

My sole complaint is the lack of Swype, as I’d really gotten used to that and my fingers are really just the tiniest bit large to be using the Android keyboard in portrait mode - and I can’t stand the landscape keyboard at all. Other than that, my phone is rock-solid (200+ hours uptime without issue), battery life is great, it’s fast as hell and it’s got a ton of great little features that Moto’s Gingerbread/Blur is missing.

I’m seriously tempted to ditch the GB leak that Sabriena’s Droid2 is running, and install this on there as well. 

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Montpelier, IN 47359, USA

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