Leaky roof!

Last night we had quite the torrential downpour during dinner, noting that it was about the heaviest rain we could remember seeing since we moved here. Sabriena paused the TV shortly thereafter, saying she heard a leak - and sure enough the arch between the dining and living rooms was dripping water rather profusely.

We stuck a bucket under it, and I called the property manager, only to find that they’d just closed. Left a message, and they called back this morning, will see what the owner wants to do.

The dripping stopped after about ten minutes, so I’m not sure whether it’s an actual problem or the combination of wind and heavy rain overwhelmed the tiles’ ability to stay sealed… I would think that shouldn’t happen, but it’s not my house and the owner at times doesn’t seem to care too much about property maintenance - doing only the minimum that’s legally required in many cases.

Update: They sent a plumber out on Monday, who climbed on the roof and found an old chimney flue that the lead surround on it had deteriorated, so he selasticed the hell out of the entire region and is optimistic it’s fixed. We’re supposed to call the property manager immediately if it’s not, and he’ll come back out (hopefully while it’s still raining so he can detect where it’s coming from).

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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